Shea butter in authentic calabash, and African black soap in handmade coconut shell, and exfoliating African bath sponge Gift Set - Unique

My Organic Shea

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This gift set is unique, classy, authentic, and simple and makes a statement like none other.

This is a gift set for everyone. Organic shea butter packaged in authentic West African calabash. It includes our African black soap (paste) also beautifully packaged in one of a kind coconut shell container, plus the game-changing African exfoliating bath sponge (sapɔ), all from Ghana, West Africa.

The shea butter in each calabash weighs around 7.5-8ozs. It is covered with jute.
The African black soap weighs about 7-7.5ozs.
Exfoliating bath sponge measures 13*50inches when STRETCHED. Long enough to reach every part of your body (especially your back). Please note sponge color may differ from the image shown.

Gift options are available as well.